About Us



I am a true foodie (healthy one) from the USA who has been lucky enough to have traveled to many parts of Italy and enjoyed the delicious food this country has to offer. As young girl from Italian descent, I always dreamed of living in Italy.  In our many travels to this beautiful country, my husband and I fell in love with the region of Le Marche in the center of Italy in the Aso Valley, between the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, where the air is pure and fresh. From the moment I arrived in this place, I knew that this area is where we wanted to have a second home. The people (Marchigiani) of this region call it "All of Italy in one place". The deep green valley of lovely rolling hills with ancient villages dotting the land and the charming blue of the sea are the predominate colors of this marvelous landscape. The stunning Sibillini Mountains serve as an extraordinarily beautiful backdrop to the topography.

During my extended stays here, I stumbled on to this small family owned olive oil mill (frantoio) in this region and thought it to be the best tasting EVOO I have ever experienced. I originally visited the frantoio to learn about their EVOO and how it was made. On my frequent visits there, the family explained to me that the climate here is ideal for olive trees among other vegetables and fruits. The olives are healthy and have no need for chemicals. Their story of their frantoio was one of passion, tradition and excellence. The activity was handed down from father to son and today in its 3rd generation. After much investigation and education, I knew then that I had to bring this product to the USA. I personally source each one of these products I sell. I am a direct importer (Oliva Plus) of my producers who are true artisans who want to proudly display their name on the label. Come and allow me to share my passion with you for what I know to be one of nature’s most perfect foods - full of healthy ingredients.