100% Made in Italy Premium EVOO - Hurticinum

100% Made in Italy Premium EVOO - Hurticinum

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Hurticinum  - Delicate

Cultivar - 90% Leccino 10% Others

Harvesting Period - Handpicked in October/November. 

Extraction System - Continuous Cycle; cold pressing within 6-12 hours after harvest 

Color - Golden yellow with light green hues

Aroma/Taste  - The aroma is simple and round with vegetable hints of freshly mowed grass, artichoke, and lettuce together with fragrant notes of basil, sage, and black pepper. Its taste is elegant yet complex. Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced.

Food Pairings: ideal for enhancing delicate dishes, such as legumes, fish, chicken, and vegetables.